Code Signing - Apple OS X

  • Signs digitally Apple desktop applications

  • Show customers that your code and content is safe to download

DigiCert Code Signing - Apple OS X allows you to sign all kinds of Mac OS X software and its updates. Using code signing certificate for the code ensures users that they come from a trusted source and has not been modified since they were signed.


In practice, this means there will not appear any warning message each time you run the application update.


Use Code Signing Apple OS X to sign software to:

  • Prove your identity and make users trust your products;
  • Give assurance that the software was not modified after signing the certificate;
  • Show users that the software is safe to download and install them;
  • Protect your brand;
  • Avoid annoying confirmation dialogs.

DigiCert Code Signing Certificates are very popular and trusted by  a wide rang of customers and industries. Find out how much you can gain from DigiCert Code Signing - Apple OS X.

More information

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