Secure Site Pro EV

  • Validation: EV

  • $1,500,000 (~99 185 830 INR) WARRANTY

  • Secures a single domain name

Attract more customers to your website and give them the confidence to complete their transactions online with Extended Validation (EV). This certificate protects the transfer of sensitive data with green address bar and the strongest encryption.


  • 99.00% browser recognition

  • 128/256 bit encryption strength

  • 2048 bit key length

  • Universal major browser compatibility

  • Full business validated certificate

  • Advanced certificate

  • Web customer support

  • Full technical customer support

  • Extended Validation technology ensures the highest protection against phishing

  • Server Gated Cryptology (SGC) technology

  • Turns address bar Green

  • Site seal for FREE

  • Unlimited re-issue period

  • Support for IDN (Internationalized Domain Names)

  • AUTO SSL TOOLS: CSR, key generation and more!

Certificates are supported by

  • IE
  • AOL
  • Netscape
  • Opera
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox

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