SuperFAST Wildcard SSL

  • Validation: DV

  • $10,000 (~745 740 INR) WARRANTY

  • Secures all subdomains of 1 domain name [*]

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The promotional price applies to one year orders.


Certificate is issued after checking the ownership to domain (DV). This is the fastest way to get your SSL certificate.

SuperFAST Wildcard SSL is a product from DomenySSL Certificate Authority offer which guarantees worldwide e-security norms with fast validation procedures.

Wildcard SSL means that this certificate secures main single domain name (eg. and unlimited number of subdomains (eg.,,, etc.).

All advantages:


  • 99.90% browser recognition

  • 128/256 bit encryption strength

  • 2048 bit key length

  • Universal major browser compatibility

  • Web and e-mail customer support

  • Unlimited re-issue period

  • Secures unlimited no. of servers with only 1 SSL certificate

  • Recommended for Facebook Apps

  • Validation process in English language

  • Customer support directly from CA experts

  • Telephone customer support with special expert

  • AUTO SSL TOOLS: CSR, key generation and more!

Certificates are supported by

  • IE 5.01+
  • AOL 5+
  • Netscape 4.7+
  • Opera 7+
  • Apple Safari 1.2+
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox 1+

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