Poland has one of the highest rate of computer infections

18-07-2011 12:30:00

The newest report about malware statistics shows that the last quarter was one of the most dangerous in the history.

The top three spots are occupied by Asian countries: China, Thailand and Taiwan. This three countries have had more than 50% infected computers in last quarter. Poland is on tenth spot with 40% of infections. It is the second European country. More attacks took place just in Russia (48%).

Infection rates show, that the safest countries are members of European Union. Sweden was the country with the lowest incidence of malware infections. The following countries are Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and UK. And from outside of the EU – Uruguay, Japan and Australia.

There are no major changes in the type of malware being developed. The most often computers are infected by trojans and viruses (68 and 16% of all malware in the Internet around the world). It infected 80% of all computer infections around the world.

To read all report, click here.
And to check tips how to stay safe on-line read article „Tips for vacation shopping on-line”.

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